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More About Shell Shock

Harley House Press’s inaugural publication in 2015 is the debut novel of Steve Stahl, Shell Shock.

Dr. Gus Conrad, famous Stanford University psychiatrist, is a champion for wounded warriors. Hundreds of thousands of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are coming home with post traumatic stress disorder―PTSD and traumatic brain injury―TBI. Too many have committed suicide as well. Called by the army to consult on this epidemic of war wounds, Conrad discovers the mistreatment of these soldiers by army psychiatrists. Suddenly, he is framed for murdering one of his own patients, a soldier from Fort Hood. Clues left behind by this soldier lead Conrad to believe the real killers reside in England, where Conrad uncovers to his horror the practice over the past century that both the British and U.S. armies are secretly killing their own soldiers with shell shock or PTSD. Now Conrad himself is targeted for death as he follows the clues from the Bedlam Hospital and Imperial War Museum in London, to Madingley Hall in Cambridge. Will Conrad choose to risk his life to expose the practice of armies killing their own soldiers with PTSD? Can he stop the rogue leader of the American death squad before he himself is killed? Shell Shock is a stunning debut novel by a best-selling medical book author and world renowned expert on PTSD. It is most timely, given the staggering number of returning soldiers who struggle with this diagnosis, and it is sure to capture your interest, leave you outraged, yet yearning for more.

Dr. Stephen Stahl is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and has written forty-three books on the subject. His textbooks have sold well over 1 million copies internationally. He has direct experience as Honorary Consultant at the Bethlem Royal Hospital “Bedlam” featured in this novel. And as an expert on PTSD, Dr. Stahl is in demand to speak on the subject. He recently appeared on NBC speaking on PTSD in soldiers returning to Fort Hood, another locale of his debut novel.