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About Harley House Press

Harley House Press is a California-based independent publisher formed in 2014. It is launching in 2015 the debut novel of world-renowned, best-selling textbook author and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Stahl. Steve Stahl’s entrée into fiction is the thriller Shell Shock, which examines the effects of war’s destruction on both the battlefield and in soldiers’ minds. From the shell shock of men suffering the unspeakable horrors in the trenches of World War One to the post traumatic stress disorder of returning troops today comes a mystery of crimes even more heinous than war itself.

For the second book in this series, The T4 Project, Steve Stahl continues the exploits of franchise character Dr. Gus Conrad. Conrad discovers the past monstrosity of psychiatrists helping designate patients “unworthy of life” and thus condemning them to be murdered by the Nazi criminal enterprise during World War Two. Called the “T4 Project” by Germans, based upon the address of the agency at Number 4 Tiergarten Street in Berlin that ran this diabolical operation to murder 200,000 psychiatric patients in the early 1940s, there is more truth than fiction to this chilling saga.

The third book in the series, Asylum, takes Conrad through the incredible history of housing patients with mental illness over the past centuries, and how we have arrived at largely criminalizing mental illness in the modern world.

Background of Harley House Press

This independent publisher is named after an actual house in the Hertfordshire countryside of England, originally built as a cottage in the 17th century and then extensively expanded and renovated in the 1920s by a famous English cricketer. The publisher owned this home and lived there during the 1980s and today it remains a Grade II listed property in England. Pictures of Harley House in England today are attached.